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Mathers Hydraulics commenced operation on the 1st of July 1984 to provide Industry with a quality source for innovative Hydraulic Power design, and supply via licensing.

Norm Mathers (Inventor of the fuel saving FSV (Fuel Saving Vane Pump), the Tipper Safety Valve, for Tipper Trucks and the Flaretite Seal for Hydraulic Leaks), has a long history of employment with Eaton – Vickers and his loyalty to their products continues today as a part of the best choice leading Fluid Power product brands sold, serviced and applied to suit customers requirements.


Energy Regeneration Systems

FSV (Fuel Saving Vane Pump) - For Improved Fuel Savings

Our continued commitment to research and development into Energy Regeneration on commercial vehicles, has maintained Mathers Hydraulics at the forefront of hydraulic technology.  In developing energy regeneration systems for the truck sector, covering mining, waste, construction and road transport sectors, among others, our range of energy regeneration systems provide the ability to generate substantial savings in running costs, while protecting the environment.

Mathers Hydraulics unwavering commitment to offer superior service to meet our customer needs has lead to the development of a unique single source engineering resource providing Hydraulic, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering design & manufacture services.

Supported by experienced qualified Engineers working to quality assured procedures using the latest design technology Mathers Hydraulics have developed and patented products such as Tipper Safety Valves our Engineering design award winning Fuel Saving Vane Pumps and the GL20 Waste compactor side lifters where conceptional innovation has been required to improve Safety and performance issues.

We welcome you to further visit our company products and service profiles and trust that we will be of assistance in making you another satisfied Mathers customer by providing a solution to your particular project or problem.

For an Information Pack including operational DVD on any of our product range, please contact the Mathers Hydraulics SALES team.


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Mathers Hydro-Mechanical Transmission (HMT)
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Discussion on improving cooling efficiency and ambient capability of hea

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Article on the benefits of using the Mathers Fuel Saving Pump in the eff

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Investment Opportunity

All investor enquiries should contact 
investors@mathershydraulics.com.au, in the first instance.

Due to its potential growth and requirements for future capital, opportunities are available for sophisticated investors who wish to become involved at the introductory stage of this revolutionary new patented technology.

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Distribution Opportunities

All OEM and manufacturer enquiries should contact  sales@mathershydraulics.com.au, in the first instance.

For OEMs and manufacturers interested in trial programs, please register your details below. Please note that Mathers Hydraulics Technologies has entered into trial programs in waste collection, power steering and tipper/dump operations with both pump and fan drives and is interested in additional partners for 2013 and beyond.

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Research licences

Research licences for transmissions using the Mathers’ hydrostatic torque converter and torque amplifier are available for research institutes and major transport  and machinery companies.

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