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Hydraulic Vane Pump - Mathers (FSV) Pump

Awarded the Engineering Excellence
Award for Sustainability

The patented Mathers FSV (Fuel Saving Vane Pump) is a vane pump with the feature of being able to be turned on and off. This is achieved by restraining the vanes to prevent any formation of a pumping chamber between them as shown below. The FSV has been awarded the Queensland Engineering Excellence Award for Sustainability. The pump also received high commendation in the Research, Development and Innovation category. The pump was also nominated as a finalist for the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards.







The Industrial FSV (Fuel Saving Vane Pump) utilizes a coil that turns the pump on and off. When a signal is sent to the coil the pump will begin pumping, when the signal is removed the oil flow ceases.

The Pump design accommodates stacked, double and triple pumps, internally (self) piloted and externally piloted in a range of capacities.

An example of the applications are:

  • Tip / Dump Trucks in conjunction with the Tipper Safety Valve
  • Forklifts
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Power Steering Systems
  • PTO (Including Hot Shift) applications

The FSV (Fuel Saving Vane Pump) can be applied to any vane pump application with the added feature of switching the pump on and off. The FSV also offers itself to applications where previously piston pumps where the only solution.

Mathers FSV (Fuel Saving Vane Pump)

For an Information Pack including operational DVD on the Mathers FSV pump, please contact the Mathers Hydraulics SALES team.

PATENT NO: CN101233297A, CN101233297B, DE112006001186T5, US7955062, US20080310988, US20090280021, WO2006119574A1, US8597002 B2


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Due to its potential growth and requirements for future capital, opportunities are available for sophisticated investors who wish to become involved at the introductory stage of this revolutionary new patented technology.

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Research licences for transmissions using the Mathers’ hydrostatic torque converter and torque amplifier are available for research institutes and major transport  and machinery companies.

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