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Mathers Vane Coupling MVC


The Mathers Vane Coupling cartridge can be used in an engine to drive a super charger, to assist a turbo charger and can also be used in electric drive systems.

The principal of operation of the Mathers Vane Coupling is quite simple, however our minds keep thinking of a vane pump where the ring is held stationary while the rotor and vane rotate creating pumping chambers. If the outlet was to be blocked, the energy can not go anywhere and a catastrophic failure occurs. If the ring is connected to an output shaft and allowed to spin, the ring and rotor compress the oil against the ring contour and imparts rotary force on the ring.

Torque is Pressure X Displacement so by controlling pressure we can control output torque

The vane coupling drive can have roller tipped vanes to reduce friction between the vane tips and the ring contour. An in built remote controlled balanced piston relief valve controls pressure in the pressure chambers and by passes flow internally. Torque is (Displacement x Pressure) and by controlling pressure we control output torque.



The Mathers Vane Coupling includes the following:

  • On/Off non-burn out clutch
  • Remote variable torque
  • Soft start feature
  • Torque fuse
  • High efficiency
  • High power density 100 Hp approx 6’’ DIA
  • Power transfer potential of Megawatts

Super and Turbo Chargers

As with the fan drive coupling, it is possible to install a coupling cartridge in an engine to drive a super charger or assist a turbo charger. Turbo chargers are a great product as they use exhaust gas energy, which would be wasted any way, to increase inlet air pressure for better fuel – air mix. However turbos suffer from a thing called lag, which is effectively when a engine accelerates the turbo speed increases after the event. Many variable, dual and other variations of turbo charging are being worked on to reduce this effect. Super chargers on the other hand give their best result on acceleration as they are driven directly by the engine and increase inlet air pressure during acceleration, but they waste energy at constant speed where turbo chargers are at their best. By driving the super charger/ turbo impeller with a fluid coupling on acceleration and letting it freewheel when exhaust gas energy is sufficient for operation we can have the best of both worlds. The highest fuel demand from the engine is on acceleration, so by matching fuel and inlet air to the best possible recipe creates the best fuel burn (energy from fuel) and reduces exhaust emissions. Again these can be supplied in cartridge form and designed into the engines using engine oil as its medium.

Electric Drive Systems

The Mathers Vane Coupling offers major benefits for many electric drive systems, by allowing motor start up under no load, soft start of load, controlled torque increase for load inertia and acceleration. Maximum torque can be set on the coupling reducing electric motor burn out. This system reduces "in rush" current and will allow electric motors to be sized for work load not start up loads. The coupling cartridge can be incorporated into the electric motor or gearbox assembly. Constant peak pressure in the coupling can be monitored and warnings or system shut down effected.

For an Information Pack including operational DVD on the Mathers Vane Coupling, please contact the Mathers Hydraulics SALES team.



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